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How is HP different from other monitoring services?

We are unique in the sense that we focus our efforts finding handicappers that follow a respectable business model. We monitor only services that follow our Pick Verification Requirement releasing picks immediately after start of game to help the general public make wiser choices.

How many services does HP follow?

We make routine checks for all listed handicapers to make sure their service meets our standards. Any complaints sent to HP will be investigated by our staff to make sure the complaint or dispute is resolved in a timely manner.

Why does HP only list the Top 5?

While other monitoring services may list 50-100 sites we feel this can be information overload. With the limited amount of services that offer real time results we focus our efforts on a small segment of the sports handicapping industry that are true to the world. We provide only the best and hottest five handicappers of the month.

Is it possible for a service to be listed in multiple months?

If a service finishes in the Top 10 from the previous month, they earn the right to be monitored again the next month. A service that is listed in our ranking for multiple months has demonstrated a continued commitment to winning.

What are Approved and Blacklisted Handicappers?

All Approved handicappers have agreed to HP's code of ethics and follow a honest business plan. Approved handicappers must also display their selections immediately after game time to show their results are not tainted. All Blacklisted handicappers or so called "experts" that have received bad ratings due to unresolved complaints while conducting dishonest services. Blacklisted handicappers should be avoided at all cost.

Does Handicapping Police sell picks?

Handicapping Police is not a sports picks service; we are merely a third party that looks out for the general betting public's best interest. We do no sell picks but we can help you find a legitimate, monitored service that will help you with your sports information needs.
Legitimate Sports Handicappers Only
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