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Patrick Adams

As a former free-lance sports writer, Pat is often asked to appear on Sports Edge hosted by Dan the Man. If you want to know what a spread will be before the opening lines are released then you should probably ask Pat. Renown for his early line calls, most of his picks come from comparing his predicted lines with the LVSC opening lines and jumping on the games with the highest gaps.

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  1. wildman says:

    Since there isn’t an OB Consensus I will post for every OB expert. These guys have truly been killing the OB Consensus picks. it’s their most expensive play but it has been winning well over 60% since I came on and I’m loving it!

  2. bwise says:

    solid investment advice. From what Ive been told he is one of the best and as far as I can tell from his picks last 30+ days, Ive been winning big.

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